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To the Members and Partners of the Power Christ Ministries:

This has been 18 years of ministry in the name of our Lord. Therefore, I must take this time to think the members and partners of God who have made the 18 years of this ministry possible. We have experienced many growing pains as a family. However, we have been steadfast in this work for God because of your great commitment and support. I cannot take all the credit for this great work. The Bible says without a vision the people perish. I think God that the people have seen the vision and have come together to manifest the future of the P.O.C. with great determination.

I just want to thank you, the people and partners of the Power Christ Ministries, for having the mind not just to go through, but you break out and to stay constant with Christ in your belief that God would supply all of our needs. You are a great people who are climbing Jacob’s ladder of great things because you are hooked up with Him Spiritually in faith and you are able to do all things. Yes, I must say that together we have come this far by faith and I can see your faith is growing stronger. That’s the challenge of our future- to see how deep our faith is in Christ.

To the P.O.C. Family and Partners our future is bright because we have the light of Christ on our Ministries, but we must continue in faith and show for the Power of Christ to the whole world. We must remember that there is still work to do while it is day and with Christ all things are possible at the P.O.C. Thank you for your prayers, love, support and generous giving. You are a great people. I love you all and together we can open the heavens.


Dr. M Nathaniel Anderson. PhD.

Thank you for your continuous prayer and generosity to the ministry

For you have been partners in spreading the Good News
Philippians 1:3

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Sundays @ 11:00 AM

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Phone: (443) 762-4061


6600 Gov. Ritchie Highway
Glen Burnie MD 21061
(Red Roof Inn)

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